NZ maori haka, greenstone pendants, kiwi jewellery and New Zealand maori carvings and tattoo designs.

Maori Crafts

Maori gift baskets and NZ Maori gifts
Maori made gifts of many distinctive Maori designs such as traditional Maori tattoo design, Maori bone carvings, pendant jewellery, unusual pottery waka and stunning intricate wooden Maori designs representing Aotearoa in unique Pacific gift. New Zealand Maori gift baskets, Maori artisans in a variety of crafts such as Maori dolls, Maori clothing of printed chiffon apron, patterned pants and designer T shirts, harakeke flowers and flax kete as well as interesting carved pottery.
NZ Maori Carved Bone Hook Pendants

Carved Bone Hook Pendants

These dark green stained bone pendants incorporates an infinity twist at its neck and a Hei Matau at its base.
Maori design bone pendants, pounamu (greenstone, jade), and paua shell pendants.
New Zealand gifts, kiwiana, greenstone, bone, paua, and more. NZ online gift store, shop for gifts, toys, souvenirs, sheepskin rugs, knitwear, maori poi, paua & greenstone jewellery, Maori design bone pendants, pounamu (greenstone, jade) paua shell pendants, presents delivered direct to you anywhere in the world.
Gifts including Carvings and Hand Made Jewellery from New Zealand
Greenstone, Bone and Wooden Carvings from New Zealand. We offer you a great range of websites that provide greenstone pendants and other jewellery. All carvings are done in New Zealand by local carvers. There are many designs for sale including Fish Hook (Hei Matau) Twist (Crossover), Spiral (Koru), Manaia, Tiki, Toki, Patu (Mere or Waihaka) and other free-form carvings. Suppliers will ship to most world locations by post, and will also courier items.
Shop New Zealand - Maori Arts and Crafts including Greenstone Jewellery & Bone Carvings
Selection of products that show Maori Art and Maori Culture. There are a wide range of materials used including Pounamu or Maori Greenstone (Maori Jade) as it is sometimes referred to. The New Zealand Jade used for the Greenstone Jewellery comes from the South Island of New Zealand. The Maori Weapons are mostly carved from New Zealand hardwood such as Kauri. Some of the Bone Carvings and other items incorporate the popular Kowhaiwhai patterns in their design. We also have a selection of Maori games.

Maori arrival in New Zealand (Aotearoa)

The Maori are believed to have arrived in New Zealand somewhere in the later part of the first millennium AD, coming from Tahiti or some other part of eastern Polynesia. Archaeological evidence suggests that there were probably several waves of migration over the period between 800 and 1300AD. Maori myth and legend describe their arrival from the mythical Hawaiki by large ocean-going canoes or waka. There are several different migration accounts and the members of the various Maori tribes or iwi can identify with the different waka in their genealogies or whakapapa.

According to the Ngapuhi they sailed from Hawaiki and their journey was aided by the gods in that the sun did not set for three days. A possible reason for this claim is that their voyage coincided with the appearance in the sky of the Crab Nebula Supernova which for several days was bright enough to be seen in daylight. Chinese historians also recorded this event and dated it to July, 1054.

The origin of the Polynesians has often been the source of much speculation. Recent maternal DNA analysis indicates that the Polynesians, including Maori, are most closely related to the peoples of east Asia. However there is also evidence of at least cultural contact with the people of South America. It has become clear that Polynesian seafarers were capable of making very long voyages in some cases against the prevailing winds and tides, and their navigation skills were very well developed. Several long voyages have been made in recent times in traditionally constructed vessels to prove this point.


New Zealand Maori crafts and information on Maori haka and bone carving. Includes information on Maori tattoo designs, bone and greenstone pendants and gifts you can buy online from New Zealand. NZ Maori design, carvings, gifts, NZ clothing, kiwi jewellery, New Zealand Maori tattoos, and Maori haka information.

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